Quality Tractor Brush Hog Mowers

What are the differences in a mower from Big Red’s Equipment and one from the big discount
Tractor Store Chains selling low quality substitutes?  Our brush mowers come from a family-owned Mississippi company, and they include the following important features:

• Made in America
• Higher quality gearboxes with higher HP ratings
• Better gear boxes allow stronger shear pins, reducing breakage & frustrating down time
• Simpler, more robust & reliable mount design
• Many options on decks, chain guards, torque limiters & more…. Tell us what you need
• Complete setup by Big Red’s Equipment, including: assembly, gearbox lubrication, cutting down of drive shaft, cutting height adjustment, proper 3pt setup & a complimentary instruction session

……and did we mention that they’re Made in America?
Support your economy and your neighbors… Buy Domestic!

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