Taking Care of Your Tractor

We know that buying a tractor is a big investment.  Like any other investment, you want to make sure it lasts and proves a worthwhile decision.  Tractor maintenance is one of the best ways to do so.  Below are some helpful maintenance tips.

One of the most important tips in taking care of your tractor is keeping it out of the elements.  Make sure that the seat, instrument panel and metal components are covered during harsh weather.

Checking fluids is also essential to the health of your tractor.  Make sure the engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant level, hydraulic oil, battery electrolytes and filters are checked regularly.

Another important component to tractor maintenance is not overloading.  Most tractors have a recommended size attachment.  Make sure not to exceed this recommendation.
If you have any other maintenance questions, we would love to help.  Leave a comment or stop on by.  One of our service technicians will be happy to assist you.

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