Box Blade Tractor Implements

A box blade is a tractor implement used to smooth out and contour land and dirt.  A typical box blade is attached to the tractor using a standard 3 point hitch.  The box blade itself has evolved from the basic scrape blade, adding 3 sides- a top, right side, and left side with the front open.  The front of a tractor box blade boasts ripper shanks or Scarifier shanks.  These shanks break up hard packed dirt and help soften the ground, and are usually replaceable.   Once loosened, high spots are scraped using a blade mounted on the rear of the box blade.  The dirt or soil is contained in the box shape and drug along until deposited in lower ground or cavities, producing a contoured surface.

There are many different sizes and variations of tractor box blades.  The smaller width box blade would be a 48 inch, and work with most compact tractors.   Other widths would include 60, 72, 84, and 96 inch box blades, and would generally use more ripper shanks the wider the model.  The frames are constructed of heavy duty steel, and painted to prevent corrosion.  The ripper shanks themselves are built using heavy duty steel, sometimes have replaceable teeth, and multiple holes for adjustable height setting.  A tractor box blade will have a cutting blade on the inside, and also one on the rear of the implement.  These blades are sometimes slightly curved for optimal cutting ability and should also be replaceable.  Box blades that have all these components welded in place should be considered cheap and non repairable.

Heavy Duty Tractor Box BladeWhen it comes to selecting the right box blade for your tractor, it is always good to get advice form an experienced person to make sure you are getting the right equipment.   You want a high quality implement at with replaceable parts so it can be maintained and last a long time.  You also don’t want to pay a premium price due to the amount of competition manufacturing these tractor box blades. Tractor box blades have been around since the beginning of tractors, and after years of abuse they are still going strong.

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