ABOUT TRACTOR IMPLEMENTSImplements, also called attachments, are the


Implements, also called attachments, are the tools a tractor uses to accomplish tasks.  Most of the attachments operate on the rear of the tractor with the exception of the front loader (also called a scoop or bucket).  The rear implements connect to the tractor via a device called a 3 point hitch, a standard feature of all our tractors.  The tractor is able to lift the 3 point hitch via hydraulics.  This enables the implement to be lifted up and down by the operator via a lever on the tractor.  For attachments that require power to turn a mechanical gearbox (like a mower) a power take off shaft (PTO) rotates on the back of the tractor.  Each attachment has a shaft that connects it to the tractor’s PTO shaft.  The operator can engage (turn it on and off) the PTO shaft via a lever on the tractor.  For rear attachments that require hydraulics like a backhoe, a set of rear hydraulic fittings can be added to the back of the tractor.

ROTARY CUTTER Tractor Implements - Rotary Cutter

Also called “Brush Hog” or “Pasture Mower”, is an attachment designed to cut anything from tall grass to sapling trees and brush.  It has heavy steel blades that hold a lot of inertia. This makes the cutter a very “bulletproof” tool that allows you to hit dirt, rocks, stumps, and keep on cutting.

REAR BLADE Tractor Implements - Rear Blade

The blade operates off the rear of the tractor.  It allows you to smooth out uneven soil.  By activating the 3 point you can lift the blade to various heights.  The blade also swivels allowing you to angle either to the left or right.  By adjusting the 3 point arm, you can also make the blade tilt.

BOX SCRAPER Tractor Implements - Box Scraper

Probably one of the most practical and useful implements.  It is basically a 3 sided box that tows behind the tractor.  The 3 point allows you to lift the box to various heights.  As you tow the box it scraps dirt and captures it in the box.  The box allows you to scrap a quantity of dirt off a high spot, drag it to a low spot, and then by lifting the box an inch or two, fill the low spot.  You can also leave the box right at ground level, and then drive the tractor in circles or figure 8’s to level and contour a large lawn area.  The box can tilt by adjusting the arm on the 3 point.


Operates from the rear of the tractor.  By lowering the 3 point hitch the self feeding auger drills down into the dirt.  Mechanical power is delivered via the PTO.  You can generally go down about 4 feet.

ROTOTILLER Tractor Implements - Rototiller

This attachment is basically a series of tines attached to a horizontally rotating shaft.  It chops up the ground in preparation for planting crops.

BACKHOE Tractor Implements - Backhoe

The backhoe operates from the back of the tractor.  Most are attached to the tractor via the 3 point hitch just like other implements.  You can also attach it via a subframe.  The backhoe is powered by hydraulics from the tractor.  The backhoe has it’s own seat for the operator.  Basically the backhoe has an arm that reaches out and down to dig a trench or a hole.  It also swivels side to side so that you can place material off the side of the tractor.

FRONT LOADER Tractor Implements - Front Loader

A hydraulically driven attachment to the front of the tractor.  All our loaders have power both up and down.  The bucket also hydraulically rotates to both curl and dump.  The operator controls the front loader from the cockpit.

CLAMP ON FORKS Tractor Implements - Clamp on Forks

The forks clamp on to the cutting edge of the loader bucket.  A quick way to make your loader into a fork lift.  Place your building supplies on pallets and move stuff around where ever you want.

LANDSCAPE RAKE Tractor Implements - Landscape Rake

Think of it like a comb with spring steel teeth.  It’s purpose is to separate rocks, twigs, and debris from the soil.  If you tow the rake at an angle just along the top of the soil, you rake all the stuff into a row.  You can come back on another pass and scoop it up with the front loader.

CHIPPER Tractor Implements - Chipper

This attachment operates on the rear of the tractor and is powered by the PTO. Hydraulic power can also drive the self feed system.  Branches are fed into the hopper and are chipped by a high speed drum.  Chips are blown from the attachment via an adjustable chute.

PASTURE HARROW Tractor Implements - Harrow

The harrow is designed to break up and level the surface of soil in such areas as a pasture where you may want to break up manure. It is like a section of chain link fence with spikes.

SNOW BLOWER Tractor Implements - Snow blower

The snow blower operates on the back of the tractor and is powered by the PTO.  As you drive backward slowly a horizontal auger feeds the snow into another fan that blows the snow in any direction you choose.

FINISH MOWER Tractor Implements - Finish Mower

This mower is designed for the nice “lawn” type of grass.  In order to get the perfect cut the mower has four adjustable height caster wheels.  As opposed to the rotary cutter, the finish mower has 3 sets of light weight, high speed blades.  This mower is towed behind the tractor and attached to the 3 point.

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