Boom Pole Tractor Attachment

Tractor Boom Pole Information

A boom pole, also known as a “cherry picker” or when mounted on a tractor “rear cane” is a lifting device. The design of a tractor boom pole is relatively basic but provides a safe and effective means of lifting and moving almost anything (within the specification weight limits of course). Some examples of a typical load can be farm equipment, engines, other implements, building materials, etc. Another great use for the tractor boom pole is loading heavy objects on and off of a trailer.

Tractor boom poles are made using steel channel or tubing, and strengthened with welded supports. Medium duty boom poles attach to your tractor via category 1 style 3 point hitch. Heavier duty boom poles with a higher weight lifting capability use a category 2 size 3 point hitch. An average length reach for a tractor boom pole is between 6 – 10 feet from the rear hitch. Models will have a hook up location on the end of the pole, along with an additional hook up mounted approximately 20% of the distance in from the end for increased strength while lifting the heavy loads. Some boom poles also have a solid rod running the length of the pole and welded to the top for added strength, using the same physical concept of a suspension bridge.

Where To Buy a Boom Pole For Your Tractor

There are a few different models to choose from when selecting your tractor boom pole. The size tractor you own, the weight lifting ability, and whether or not you will be using the boom to simply lift, or lift and transport all play a role in deciding which model is best suited for you. Is it a good idea to seek the advice of a seasoned tractor attachment dealer when purchasing any new implement to make sure you get the right product.

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