Pallet Forks

Ansung Pallet Forks

One of the best uses of machinery is to carry large objects, and a set of pallet forks allows a machine of any size to lift up pallets, materials, or anything else you can get the forks under. Pallet forks are made of forged steel, making sure that they are strong enough to handle use for years. No matter the size of your machine, Ansung has a set of pallet forks that will fit.

Skid Steer Type Pallet Forks

The Ansung skid steer type pallet forks are built to handle any job, featuring 4″x1-1/4″ x48″ tines and a heavy duty frame, they weigh 400 lbs., and have a lift capacity of 3,800 lbs. The forks on the skid steer type pallet forks are a fixed style meaning that they are attached at the top and bottom, while the top has notches cut out in the main bar to allow the fork to lock into place, keeping the forks from sliding while driving the machine.

Compact Skid Steer Type

Ansung Compact Tractor Pallet Forks

The compact skid steer type pallet fork is one that requires a balance between strength and weight more than any other fork. Most of the machines that will be using a pallet fork of this size cannot lift more than 1,800 to 2,200 pounds, so it is important not to use up half of the lifting capacity just by putting on the pallet forks. Ansung’s version of compact skid steer type pallet forks weigh 236 lbs. The tines on the compact pallet forks are 1″x3″ and measure a full 42″ in length to ensure you can get them under large loads. The forks on the compact style pallet forks lock into place just like the larger styles of pallet forks.

Common Features

All Ansung pallet forks feature: locking forks, universal skid steer quick attach hithes, forged forks, high quality frames. As a safety feature, the frame of the pallet forks uses vertically placed reinforcements allowing the driver to see through the frame to the load they are working with.

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