Tractor Cultivators

Also known as a field cultivator, ripper, or tillage tool

This tractor attachable field cultivator is mounted using a standard 3 point hitch. It boasts 6 laterally adjustable tines made from high quality carbon steel which cut into the ground and cultivate your soil or field. This #11 tractor cultivator also has reversible and replaceable tips, and an optional furrowing tool which easily attaches to the front.

About Tractor Cultivators

Cultivators attach to a host tractor via 3 point hitch.

A tractor attached cultivator is an agricultural implement used to condition soil and crop environment.  Tractor cultivators are sometimes used before a crop is planted to chew up and pulverize the soil.   Once the crops are established, a tractor cultivator is used to remove unwanted weeds, while simultaneously aerating the ground to promote healthy vegetation.  A cultivator does a similar job to a disc harrow, but with greater depth and provides more of a tilling effect.

The basic design of a tractor powered field cultivator consists of a steal frame, with individually mounted ripper shanks that penetrate the ground.  Some variations feature spring loaded tension on the shanks to prevent any significant damage in the event of hitting a large stone or rock.  Field cultivators attach to the tractor using a 3 point hitch, and some even have hydraulic lifters to fold up outer sections when transporting.

Different Types of Cultivators

Leinbach Tractor Cultivator with Optional Bedders There are a few options when choosing a cultivator for your tractor.

There are different variations of cultivators such as single row & multiple row, V style, as well as different offset configurations within each style.  Overall width, the number of tines or rippers, and the available options are also to be considered when choosing the right tractor cultivator for the job.   Options can include front mounted furrower, and removable bedders.  These options enable your cultivator to be more versatile and complete multiple tasks using one attachment.  It is also important to make sure the horsepower rating of your  tractor meets the requirements for each specific size cultivator.

  • Many ripper shanks are equipped with replaceable points.

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