Tractor disc harrow

Tractor disc harrow

Disc harrows are tractor implements used to cultivate land and prepare the soil for crops to be planted. Disc harrows are also used to chop up left over plant material and undesirable weed growth.  The discs are usually constructed of steel and are slightly concave.   This slight “bowl” shape aids the process of lifting dirt and soil as the disc rotates and cuts through.  A tractor pulled disc harrow normally consists of two or four sections of discs.  Each section is angled outward in design, so a bird’s eye top view of a 4 section disc harrow would show resemblance to an “X” shape. 

Most tractor attached disc harrows use a standard category 1, 3 point hitch to mount up.  The 3 point hitch allows the tractor to easily lift and lower the disc harrow to the ground.   Some larger models also use additional hydraulics to raise sections vertically for easier road transportation and tighter storage.  Tractor disc harrows should have adjustments for angle of the cut, and sometimes offset.  High quality disc harrows use sealed bearings provide better performance long term.

King Kutter Disc Harrow

Tractor disc harrows are usually used in agriculture after the soil has been plowed.  Disc harrows work great for cutting up corn stalks and other left over vegetation.  The result is a fairly level, smoother surface for planting new crops. 

There are many different manufacturers of tractor disc harrows. For a good investment, look for frames constructed of thick tube steel. Also look for adequate disc diameter, and axles mounted on sealed bearings.

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