Tractor Plows

Modern Tractor Plows – 3 Point Hitch

2 Bottom plow mounted on a tractorMost modern day tractor plows are constructed of heavy duty steel, and attach using the standard 3 point hitch. The number of furrows or bottoms also varies. A contemporary tractor plow will usually have one or two bottoms. On a larger tractor it is not uncommon to have plows with seven furrows and is capable of reversing sides. The very large, more commercial tractor plows will have up to eighteen furrows! Although some tractor plows still have to be adjusted manually to set plowing depth and angle, some plows adjust automatically using the tractor’s hydraulic system. Large tractors that are equipped with a 3 point hitch on the front can also attach a 2 or 3 furrow plow to the front as well.

While large scale tractor plows are visually impressive, it’s the smaller more economical plows that are growing in popularity. Many people out there are expanding their smaller gardens into more efficient crop producers. That’s where the one or two bottom tractor plows pave the way. Hobby farmers can really benefit from the great value an inexpensive tractor plow has to offer.

Information About Tractor Plows

The term “plow” is the American version of “plough”

The history of plows dates way back to 5500 BC, when ancient Egyptians invented agriculture. Later came the crooked plow design and addition of mouldboards. The first mechanical option to livestock pulling plows was the invention of the steam engine tractor. These massive heavy machines were inefficient overkill and soon gave way to the modern day style combustion engine tractors. Plows have since been updated and refined including the incorporation of the 3 point hitch, but the overall design remains consistent with the original crooked plow.


Typical Tractor Plow Diagram

This diagram illustrates the common elements of a typical tractor plow.

1. Frame(usually made of steel)

2. 3 point hitch

3. Height adjustment

4. Knife or sometimes a coulter wheel

5. Chisel or cutting edge

6. Share, or sometimes referred to as the plowshare

7. Mouldboard or furrow

How do I know which plow is right for my tractor?

When it comes to selecting a plow to attach to your existing tractor, the advice of an experienced person is important. The application and type of soil are also important when deciding from the huge selection of tractor plows available.

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