Why Use A Garden Bedder?

If you need to make a raised hill bed for vegetables in your garden, a tractor garden bedder is the best attachment for the job. With simple construction, a garden bedder easily piles the broken up dirt in your garden into a nice hill, and will even leave a “V” furrow in the top for easier planting. The practice of using raised beds in the garden is beneficial with crops such as potatoes, zucchini, squash, and other large seeded crops.


Garden bedders come in three sizes: GB-50, GB-60, and GB-60. The biggest difference in these garden bedders is the height of the main bar on the GB-50 is about half of the height of the GB-60 and GB-70, which can easily be seen because the GB-50 only has a single row of adjustment holes in the main bar, the GB-60 and GB-70 have two rows of adjustment holes making them twice as tall. The stems that connect the discs and sweeps to the main bar are held in place by U-bolts, and double U-bolts are used with the GB-60 and GB-70, giving the two larger models more lateral stability. The frame of all of the garden bedders is made from 3/8″ or  5/16″ thick steel, the hiller discs are made from cast steel, and the sweep points are made from hardened steel. All the materials used in the garden bedders promise a long life implement that will give you great garden beds for many years.


Some adjustment is required to get the perfect bed in your garden, and what works in one garden might not work for the next.

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