Compact tractors

A small tractor can have a big impact on your property when it comes time to mow grass, move dirt, plant trees, haul rocks, or lug bales of hay.

By Betsy Freese
Acreage owners want a comfortable ride and the ability to work in all weather conditions and at night. This new Kubota B3030 ($20,830 and up) has a factory-installed cab with a high-back seat, air conditioning, and heat.

A small tractor can have a big impact on your property when it comes time to mow grass, move dirt, plant trees, haul rocks, or lug bales of hay.

Got a job to do? There’s a compact tractor that can help you do it in style and comfort. The market for these small workhorses is growing rapidly, and tractor manufacturers are paying close attention to the wants and needs of acreage owners.

Subcompact, compact, and utility tractors — all popular with acreage owners — represent approximately three fourths of all tractors sold in North America today. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers report that sales of <40-PTO horsepower tractors increased each month from October 2004 to January 2005.

Used compact tractor sales are up, as well, says Greg Peterson, owner of F.A.C.T’s Report (800/381-0423 or “Auction sale prices on tractors more than 5 years old in this horsepower range are holding very strong. It’s not unusual to see particular models even appreciating in value on a year-to-year basis.”

Meeting your needs

All this demand means tractor manufacturers are redesigning their models to appeal to nonfarmers. New compact tractors offer better operator convenience, a higher level of comfort, and even a nicer appearance.

There is always something to do on an acreage, from mowing grass and moving snow to planting trees and clearing brush. After the stress of the office, getting out on the tractor in the evening and weekends is relaxing.

Attachments are an important part of owning a compact tractor. Mowing and loader work are the two biggest uses for these tractors, say manufacturers. Several new tractor models this spring are designed around loaders with an emphasis on comfort and convenience. Visibility is key to loaders. If you can see what you’re doing, you are more productive. Now go out and get the job done!


AGCO is introducing eight new compact tractor models this spring, including the ST34A shown here. A completely new loader, deluxe seats, and ergonomically located controls offer operator convenience and comfort previously only available on full-size AGCO tractors. Has mechanical front-wheel drive, tilt-up hood, and removable side panels. New loader uses a pedestal mount for quick mount and dismount. Suggested retail price range for the ST34A is $25,026 to $28,802 for the cab version, and $15,870 to $19,506 for the platform version.


Branson tractors are manufactured by Kukje Machinery Co. of Korea and sold by Branson Tractor Company in Georgia. Branson has five models of compact tractors. The Branson 3510 is shown here with a BL10A loader and industrial tires. It features synchro shuttle transmission. The 12 forward/12 reverse transmission gives you four gears in each of three ranges. A synchronized reverser is standard to make repetitive forward-to-reverse loading faster. Price not provided.


Challenger MT200 compact tractors, including the new MT200B shown here, are known for ruggedness and professional-grade power. Sold and serviced by Caterpillar dealers nationwide. Ranging from 23 to 52 gross engine hp., the MT200B is now more comfortable with controls repositioned for easier use. Retail prices range from $13,500 to $35,500 (for the MT295B Cab model).


The Farmall brand, made by Case IH, dates back to the 1920s. The new DXE, D, and DX Series include subcompact, compact, and utility tractors –15 models from 18 to 55 engine hp. For light-duty work and mowing, three subcompact models (DX18E, DX22E, and DX25E) offer nimble handling in a homeowner-friendly package. In the 23- to 45-hp. range, 10 compact models are available (DX29 is shown here). In the 48- to 55-hp. range, two models are available. The price range for DXE, D, and DX Series is $9,600 to $26,000 (not including accessories, attachments, freight, setup).


The Farmtrac 270DTC compact tractor, made by Long Agribusiness, has a 27-hp., three-cylinder, indirect-injection, water-cooled engine. Features a shuttle drive, partial synchromesh transmission. Also features hydrostatic steering, four-wheel drive, rigid roll bar, telescopic drawbar, adjustable stabilizers, and rear differential lock. The ISO block-mounted platform area prevents vibrations. Industrial or turf tires are available. Matching implements such as loader, finishing mower, and tiller are also available. Suggested retail price for the Farmtrac 270DTC is $12,728.

John Deere

John Deere’s newest addition to its tractor lineup is the 3000 TWENTY Series. Four new models, including the 3120 shown here, range from 30 to 44 in gross engine horsepower. Performance tracking system allows you to monitor all tractor functions with a touch of a button. Features an automobile-style console for controls. Loader joystick and four-wheel drive make tractors loader-ready. Hydrostatic transmission means no clutching or shifting. Suggested retail price for the 3120 is $18,979.


Kioti’s new CK30 compact tractor features hydrostatic transmission, single-lever joystick, and a newly designed hood and fender. Removable engine panels and front hood allow easy access. Kioti diesel engines produce low noise, little vibration, and meet or exceed EPA regulation. Rear and front PTO are standard on CK30 tractors. Select rear or mid PTO separately or simultaneously. This allows the use of various implements, including a midmount mower. The operation of the front-end loader is made easier by use of the single-lever joystick. Suggested retail price for the CK30 with foldable ROPS and ag tires is $15,818.


Kubota offers a wide range of compact tractor models. The Grand L4630 shown here features a 44-hp. diesel engine (net), hydrostatic power steering, and a three-point hitch. Lift capacity at 24 inches behind lift point is 2,760 pounds. The L4630 offers three transmission choices and a top speed of 14 miles per hour. Performance-matched front loaders are available. Has a one-piece full open front hood. Rugged, durable, and simple to operate. Suggested retail price is $22,094 (tractor only).


The Mahindra 2810 has a 28-hp. engine and features easy-grip levers and handles, and ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort. Comes with four-wheel drive, full open hood, independent PTO with safety mechanism and electrohydraulic clutch, power steering, spacious operator platform, and tiltable steering column. Has a four-stroke, indirect-injection, water-cooled diesel engine. Suggested retail price is $13,750.

Massey Ferguson

The new 1500 Series compact tractors from Massey Ferguson feature full-size tractor styling, quieter and more durable engines, greater comfort, and enhanced operator convenience with quick removal and replacement of attachments. The tractors are simple to operate with easy-to-read automotive-style dash. The three-cylinder, turbocharged engines have from 33 to 40 horsepower. Prices range from $10,948 to $34,351 depending on options.


McCormick International has added the C-Max Series, a new range of utility tractors for price-conscious acreage and small farm owners. The series features five models from 59 to 99 engine hp. These three- and four-cylinder engines run more quietly, reducing bystander noise levels. Operator platform is designed to enhance driver comfort and reduce vibration and noise. Retail price for the C-Max line ranges from $29,249 to $45,857.

Montana Tractors

Montana Tractors are new to the compact market in 2004. They are manufactured in South Korea with final assembly and testing at U.S. headquarters in Arkansas. Seven compact models range from 27 to 45 horsepower. Model 2740 (shown) is powered by a 27-hp., three-cylinder, diesel engine. Four-wheel drive gives extra traction and pulling power. Has a three-year warranty. Suggested retail price is $11,867.50.

New Holland

New Holland Boomer compact tractors feature power, maneuverability, and operating ease. Models range from 18-hp. subcompacts up to 55-hp. utility. Optional SuperSteer front-wheel-drive axle gives tight turnaround. Optional Sensitrak system automatically engages and disengages four-wheel drive. Sloped hood and curved-boom loaders give better visibility. Estimated retail price for the TC45A (manual transmission) is $21,127; the TC45DA (hydrostatic transmission, SuperSteer, Sensitrak) is $26,890.

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