KIOTI Compact Tractors *Financing available

KIOTI Compact Tractors

*Financing available.

The first in the new CK Series line of 20 hp to 35 hp distinctively designed compact utility tractors. Hydrostatic or manual. Loaded with features such as the industry’s simplest maintenance and an ultra-quiet, low vibration, environmentally friendly Daedong diesel engine. All CK series tractors feature suspended brake and clutch pedals to maximize the operator platform for ease of movement by providing more space.


DK Series 40 hp to 90 hp high-performance compact tractors pack impressive power and smooth handling into one dependable workhorse. Fully-featured, comfortable, and ready for any job that demands a durable compact tractor.

Kioti CK20s with a Kioti KL120 quick attach loader.  20hp., 4wd., industrial tires.  Kioti offers cash discounts or 0% downpayment or 0% interest wac while programs last

Kioti CK27 with a Kioti KL 130 quick attach loader.  27 hp., hst, 4wd., and industrial tires.  Options are 8×8 shuttle and ag or turf tires.  Kioti offers cash discounts or 0 downpayment and 0% interest or Cash discount while programs last.

Kioti CK30 with a Kioti KL130 quick attach loader.  30hp., Hst., 4wd., and Industrial tires.  Options are ag or turf tires, 8×8 shuttle trans.  Kioti offers cash discounts or 0% downpayment and 0% interest.  Option 3 is a free loader while programs last.

Kioti CK35 with a Kioti KL130 quick attach loader.  35hp., 8×8 shuttle, 4wd., industrial tires. Options are HST., ag or turf tires.  Kioti offers cash discounts or 0% downpayment and 0% interest. Check with us for current programs.Option 3 is a free loader while programs last.

CS2410 sub compact and loader.  4 wd., Hst., Industrial tires, quick attach loader. With or with out 60″ mid mount mower.. has 3 point and pto for rear equipment.. Check out low prices and low rate financing.

Kioti DK40se with a Kioti KL401 quick attach loader and skid steer quick attach bucket.  40hp., 8×8 shuttle, ipto., and industrial tires.  Options are HST., cab/air/heat, ag tires or turf tires.  Kioti offers 0% downpayment or 0% interest wac. Cash discounts while programs last. Check with us for current programs.

Kioti DK45se with a Kioti quick attach KL 401 loader and skid steer quick attach bucket.  45hp., 4wd., 8×8 shuttle, ipto., industrial tires.  Options are cab/air/heat/hst, ag tires or turf, remotes.  Kioti offers 0 downpayment or 0% interest or cash discounts while programs last.

Kioti DS4110 with a Kioti KL402 quick attach loader and skid steer quick attach bucket.  41 hp., 8×8 shuttle., ipto., 4wd., industrial tires.  Options are ag or turf tires.  Alot of tractor and a good price.  Kioti offers 0% downpayment or 0% interest wac cash discount.  Check with us for best price and programs.
Kioiti DS4510 with a Kioti KL401 quick attach loader and a skid steer quick attach bucket.  45hp., 8×8 shuttle, Ipto, 4wd., industrial tires.  Options are tires. Check out this tractor for price.  Kioti offers 0% downpayment or 0% interest wac. or  cash discount.  Call for current programs and best price.

Kioti DK50se with a Kioti KL401 quick attach loader and skid steer quick attach bucket.  50hp., 4wd., IPTO., single remotes, gril gaurd, industrial tires, cab/air/heat/radio. Options are platform/8×8 shuttle, and tires. Kioti offers 0% downpayment or 0% interest or cash discount  wac.

Kioti DK55 with a Kioti quick attach KL551 self leveling loader and quick attach skid steer bucket.  55hp., 12×12 shuttle, ipto., 4wd., Options are ag, turf, industrial tires and cab/air.heat, radio. Kioti offers 0% downpayment or 0% interest wac or cash discount .  Call for current programs and prices.

Farmers and Landowners Love Japanese Tractors

The demand for Japanese tractors is high these days. It’s partly because farmers and landowners have been hearing great things about them and giving them a try. Once they power it up and feel how powerful and efficient it is, they don’t ever want to go back to their old tractor. Not very long ago, Japanese tractors weren’t readily available in America. Today, plenty of them are sold to farmers and landowners across the country. Some of the names you’ll be familiar with already because the same companies have been providing American tractors with parts for many years. Companies like Mitsubishi and Hinomoto have made parts for the most popular American tractors. Now they are coming into their own and are widely available as whole tractors, not just bits and pieces in other tractors.

Though many folks throw around the term “grey

Though many folks throw around the term “grey market” or “gray market” quite a bit these days, especially in regard to the import and sale of used compact tractors from Japan (such as  Mitsubishi, Kubota, Zen-Noh, Iseki, Shibaura or Hinomoto), the actual meaning of “grey market” or “gray market” has been frequently misunderstood and even misrepresented. In addition to a lack of understanding as to what exactly the grey market actually is, there has also been a certain level of fear mongering and even intentionally misleading statements (these last two usually coming from “official” channels here in the USA, but not from Japan).

The aim of the next several blog entries here at Big Red’s Equipment will be to debunk some of the myths surrounding this issue and to help bring some accountability to those who would mislead potential tractor buyers into believing that the gray market (especially for used, reconditioned Japanese compact tractors) cannot benefit them, when in fact the exact opposite is true. Gray market is a good thing, both for buyers and sellers.

Grey market or gray market is simply the distribution of goods through channels which are completely legal but unofficial. Big Red’s Equipment’s grey market tractors are made in Japan for the compact tractor market in that country and with brands such as Mitsubishi, Kubota, Iseki, Hinomoto and Shibaura, fit into this category.  Our used, reconditioned tractors were originally sold new in Japan; they were then purchased used a number of years after that (when the original Japanese owner decided to sell his tractor), reconditioned to a like-new condition and imported into the United States for sale by Big Red’s Equipment to the general public as well as compact tractor dealers.

When our tractors were originally sold new in the Japanese market they were sold by an authorized dealer in that country, such Mitsubishi, Kubota, etc, dealership, to the original customer.  Such authorized dealerships are considered to be “official” channels for the distribution of these goods, just as John Deere dealerships are the “official” channels for the distribution of new John Deere tractors here in the USA.  However, just as here in the USA and almost every other developed country in the world, after the original new sale of a tractor it can be sold at will by the customer or his representative to anyone he or she chooses to do business with.  Technically speaking, according to the definition of gray market, the used market within the borders of any country can also be called a gray market due to the fact that the product enters “unofficial” channels after the original sale whether or not this product was exported or imported.

The grey market is considered a thorn in the side of many multinational corporations who have authorized distributors in countries outside the country of manufacture.  This is due to the fact that once outside the “official” channels they can no longer control, or even greatly influence, the buying and selling of these products.  Lack of control equals lack of additional profit for these companies.   It also means increased competition for the products they themselves represent via “official” channels of distribution.

For example, if a company imports a used Mitsubishi tractor from Japan into the USA this importation bypasses the “official” channels of distribution through Mitsubishi authorized representative in the USA.  Therefore Yanmar’s American division or representative cannot profit from the importation and sale of that tractor.  Although the gray market has been legally challenged hundreds of times in the US courts over the decades, and found to be completely legal each and every time and with hardly any limitations whatsoever, some so-called “official” representatives still make every attempt to obstruct the legal trade in these products.  However, there is such a large amount of legal precedence in place that these attempts must ultimately fail, and they always do.  Stay tuned.

Compact Tractor Freight

Nervous about buying a tractor long distance? Don’t be! Big Red’s Equipment has shipped hundreds of tractors over the last decade to nearly every state in the nation. We have found the formula for delivering tractors safely, with the greatest convenience for you, at the lowest possible rate! We’ll do what ever you require to be comfortable with your purchase, including photos, video, and even picking you up at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

NOTE: Big Red’s Equipment Sales & Rentals offers delivery service FOR THE TRACTORS WE SELL ONLY. We do not offer shipping or freight brokerage services for any other equipment.

Please complete our shipping request form for a shipping quote. We work with a network of the best carriers, and can offer freight as low as 40¢ /mile. Your tractor will be delivered to your door, ready to work, and be unloaded to the ground by a courteous professional driver.

Did you know that out of state purchases are not subject to sales tax? Usually, what you save on sales tax more than pays for the cost of shipping.

Local Customers: We can bring your tractor to you and coach you on its operation on your home turf if you’re within a 300 mile radius of Granbury, TX. The standard rate is $2 per loaded mile with a $100 minimum, but contact us to inquire about specials and lower rate opportunities with our professional carriers.

The Hinomoto Tractor is a Well Made Tractor

A tractor is a piece of machinery used in agriculture; however it can also be used for construction. They are larger, heavy pieces of machinery that represent a financial investment. Some of the best tractors come from Japan and offer some of the best returns on tractor investment. Many Japanese tractors are state of the art machines that have proven to give the best performance overall. One well made tractor is the Hinomoto tractor. The Hinomoto Company is located in Japan and is a division of Hitachi Construction Machinery. Hitachi Construction Machinery had its start as early as the 1800′s. Today there have been over 100,000 units made. The Hinomoto tractor is known for being a strong, well made tractor that performs well and is reliable.