Are You Prepared?

Clearing out the damage caused by storms can be dangerous but with a little preparation beforehand and safety techniques during clean-up, you can minimize the damage, debris, and clean-up dangers of seasonal storms.
First, identify potential hazards around your home.

Secure lawn furniture, garbage cans and prune damaged limbs or remove hazardous trees. Having a chain saw before the storm is a good idea. We have an excellent selection of refurbished chainsaws if you are a homeowner who needs one for a “just in case moment” and doesn’t want to spend a lot on a new one. Other useful equipment include a leaf blower for small debris, a pole saw or a pole saw attachment for your trimmer, and a portable generator for power.

Selecting a chain saw.

Select a mid-sized chain saw from the 45 to 60 cubic centimeter (cc) range for cutting downed wood. A 16 to 20 inch bar offers good maneuverability without being too heavy. A 35-45 cc light weight saw can be used for smaller limbs. Look for features like good balance and low vibration. 

Selecting a generator.

The size of the generator you select depends on your power requirements. Knowing the required running watts and additional starting watts of all the tools or appliances you NEED to keep running when the power goes out are two figures critical in choosing the right generator.

Personal safety.

Always make sure you have the proper safety apparel for operating a chain saw. First and foremost, have a first aid kit on hand along with a cell phone. Safety glasses, hearing protection, gloves, chain saw protective chaps and steel toe boots are a must for heavy debris removal and a helmet with protect you from falling debris.

Pre-storm checklist:

  1. Check the safety features of the equipment are functioning properly.
  2. Do a visual inspection of the equipment for any necessary repairs.
  3. Check the air filter.
  4. Start the equipment and make sure it runs properly.
  5. Sharpen or replace the chain on your saw if necessary.
  6. Have extra fuel and oil for equipment.