BACKHOES (Wallenstein, Kelley, Kelly, Ansung, Branson, Kioti, Kubota)

The backhoe operates from the back of the tractor.  Most are attached to the tractor via the 3 point hitch (3pt/3ph) just like other implements.  You can also attach it via a subframe.  The backhoe is powered by hydraulics from the tractor.  The backhoe has its own seat for the operator.  Basically the backhoe has an arm that reaches out and down to dig a trench or a hole.  It also swivels side to side so that you can place material off the side of the tractor.

Tractor Backhoe Sales in WATractor Backhoe Models in WashingtonTractor Backhoes

   Mechanical and hydraulic thumb available on all backhoe attachments.

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