Tractor Cement Mixer

Attachable to your tractor via 3 point hitch and PTO driven, work like a professional on your next construction job with one of these high quality cement mixers.

Learn About Tractor Cement Mixers

Mix concrete with efficiency and maneuverability.

These cement mixers (also called concrete mixer) utilize a rotating drum to thoroughly blend together cement, gravel or sand, and water to form concrete. It is important to deliver the concrete to the intended location before the mixture becomes too hard. This is where attaching a cement mixer to a tractor provides ample mobility. Any construction job will become much easier and more efficient with a tractor cement mixer.

Your tractor is required to have a category 1 style 3 point hitch.

Tractor Cement Mixer Details

Heavy duty drum construction, chain transmission drive, and hydraulic dumping are a few of the key features on a tractor cement mixer.

The rotating drum is constructed of 3 mm steel and has no welded joints for easy disassembly. The frame itself is built using heavy duty steel and attaches right up to a category 1, 3 point hitch. There is a hydraulic cylinder that operates the dumping action for the cement mixer, requiring an available remote hydraulic valve on the host tractor. The cylinder only actuates in one direction, which is used for lifting and positioning the drum. Gravity provides the necessary force for dumping the cement.

The tractor cement mixer drum has a capacity of 12 cubic feet of concrete mixture. The PTO shaft provides plenty of rotating power to properly mix the cement prior to dumping. The attachable concrete mixer is a breeze to remove and has stationary feet for upright storage, and smooth reattachment. The tractor’s ability to access construction sites in hard to reach areas, or off road locations, make the tractor cement mixer a valuable implement.

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