Brush Hog (Single Spindle Rotary Cutter) Manufacturers (Rough cut/Bush Hog)

There are a few companies that manufacture brush hog attachments for your tractor. We are going to talk about the two brands we recommend for great value. The first is Fred Cain brush hog rotary cutters. They are made using quality materials and are assembled well for long life. The second brand is King Kutter brush hog mowers for your tractor. Definitely our favorite brush hog manufacturer, they offer a wide variety of models, have reasonable prices, and best of all most of the stuff they sell is Made in the USA.

Tractor Brush Hog Dealers

When it comes time to purchase your next brush hog rotary cutter for your tractor, there are a few options. You can drive around wasting gas looking for the right model, and probably pay top dollar if you ever do find one.


What is a Tractor Brush Hog?

Tractor Brush Hog - Bottom View

A tractor brush hog is another term for a large, heavy duty rotary mower. A brush hog is usually attached to a farm tractor using a standard 3 point hitch and harness energy from the Power Take Off (PTO).  The tractor brush hog is basically a large version of a lawn mower with a couple exceptions. The cutting blades are not mounted in a rigid fashion, but in on a swivel or pivoting mechanism.  This allows the blades to bounce off objects such as stumps or rocks without damaging the brush hog.  After the tractor has cleared the obstacle, the blades return to their proper cutting position simply by the centrifugal force generated by the rotation.  The rotary blades themselves are constructed of heavy duty carbon steel, and are not sharpened like a traditional lawn mower blade.  This is because the optimal action is not cutting with a sharp edge, rather the momentum of the heavy blades chopping and pulling thicker vegetation out of the ground and throwing it back down.   Some tractor brush hog blades feature a wedge design with an intentionally dull edge. The spindle itself that the blades are mounted to, is normally designed with a tapered lip to maneuver the brush hog up and over stumps without causing any significant damage to the cutter.

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